Blair Brettmann

Project: Nanocellulose for Pharmaceutical Applications
Advisor(s): Dr. Blair Brettmann

Krista Bullard

Project: Host-Guest Based Polymer-CNC Composites
Advisor(s): Dr. Will Gutekunst and Dr. Mohan Srinivasarao

Cameron Irvin

Project: Cellulose and Chitin Polyvinyl
Alcohol Composites

Advisor(s): Dr. Meisha Shofner

Nasreen Khan

Project: Rational Design of Polyelectrolyte Complexes
Advisor(s):Dr. Blair Brettmann

Augustus Lang

Project: Paper for displays and energy storage​
Advisor(s): Dr.John Reynolds

Wei Liu

Project:Fluorine-free, in-situ cellulose Surface Functionalization
Advisor(s): Dr. Yulin Deng

Matthew Orr

Project: Polymer nanocomposite with
cellulosic nanomaterials

Advisor(s): Dr. Meisha Shofner

Bailey Risteen

Project: Semiconducting Polymers for Flexible Electronics
Advisor(s): Dr.Elsa Reichmanis, Dr. Paul Russo

Chinmay Satam

Project: Composite Materials from Cellulose & Chitin
Advisor(s): Dr. Carson Meredith

Jiwoo Yu

Project: Cellulose/Nanoparticle Microspheres
Advisor(s): Dr. Zhiqun Lin