Dr. Blair Brettmann

Projects: Nanocellulose for Pharmaceutical Applications
Rational Design of Polyelectrolyte Complexes
MoSE 3100P
Phone: 404-894-2535
email: blair.brettmann@mse.gatech.edu
website: Dr. Blair Brettmann
profile: Blair Brettmann (MoSE)

Dr. Yulin Deng


Projects: Electro-Chemical Depolymerization
Paper Tricentennial Building (RBI) 375
Phone: 404-894-5759
email: yulin.deng@rbi.gatech.edu
website: The Deng Group
profile: Yulin Deng (ChBE)

Dr. Zhiqun Lin

Projects: Cellulose/Nanoparticle Microspheres
3100K MoSE
Phone: 404-385-4404
email: zhiqun.lin@mse.gatech.edu
website: The Lin's Group
profile: Zhiqun Lin (MSE)

Dr. J. Carson Meredith

ES&T 1212
Phone: 404-385-2151
email: carson.meredith@chbe.gatech.edu
website: The Meredith Group
profile: J. Carson Meredith (ChBE)

Dr. Robert J. Moon


Projects: Paper for displays and energy storage

Phone: 404-894-1026
email: robertmoon@fs.fed.us
website: Dr. Robert J. Moon
profile: Robert J. Moon (MSE)

Dr. Elsa Reichmanis


Projects: Semiconducting Polymers for Flexible Electronics
Ford ES&T Building 1230
Phone: 404-894-0316
email: ereichmanis@chbe.gatech.edu
website: The Reichmanis research group
profile: Elsa Reichmanis (ChBE)

Dr. John R. Reynolds


Projects: Paper for displays and energy storage

email: reynolds@chemistry.gatech.edu
website: Dr. John R. Reynolds
profile: John R. Reynolds (MSE)

Dr. Paul S. Russo


Projects: Semiconducting Polymers for Flexible Electronics
MRDC 3508
Phone: 404-385-2607
email: paul.russo@mse.gatech.edu
website: The Russo Group
profile: Paul S. Russo (MSE)

Dr. Meisha Shofner


MRDC 4409
Phone: 404-386-7216
email: meisha.shofner@mse.gatech.edu
website: The Shorfner Group
profile: Meisha Shofner (MSE)